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Say YES to adventures, even if they scare you…

I have always been adventurous, spontaneous, and somewhat impulsive. If I get an idea, I get excited, and I take action. Largely, because I know if I don’t, that it most likely, won’t happen… but that’s a topic for another day (trust me.)

So naturally, when I had my son, I did have to get a little bit realistic about what was possible, and boy did many people like to remind me of that.

I recall the “you can’t do that when you have kids” comments many a time over. I was already of the opinion before my son was even here, of what a load of rubbish that statement was and that I would be doing so much of the same stuff and bringing him along, simply, because I wanted to experience the things I loved with him.

I’m aware that some things, can be abit of a juggle and camping is definitely one of those things depending on what age your baba is at.

However, I am not one to be defeated until I have given it a good go.

I stumbled across a gorgeous campsite; through an Instagram story of another person I followed and saw that they had Bell Tents. I thought to myself, the biggest thing I am concerned about, is wrestling with a tent, on my own, whilst watching a four-year-old, in the great British wind and rain. But if the tent was already set up? My problems were solved.

So I booked it. For that coming Saturday.

I have already written a blog post about Camping with Kids, so I’ll refer you to that one for all my tips and tricks.

But the reason I am writing this, is to tell you, to just do the thing.

We get so put off, freaked out and talked out of doing so many things, because we either don’t think we can, or someone else tells us we can’t or won’t be able to. Bullshit.

Specifically in relation to our little ones, I have learnt to laugh in the face of things falling apart. My son is so full of energy and has such an active and wild nature, and I absolutely love it. Yes maybe, sometimes I wish he would sit the duration of a Disney Movie, but he gives me so much motivation to get up and do new things.

Booking that camping trip was the BEST thing I did. It was difficult at points because of course, yes it did rain, but he ADORED it. He loved it so much, he had 28 acres to run wild and free in his little yellow wellies and raincoat. He was determined to stroke a chicken and he DID, he loved the animals, we caught grasshoppers, we saw frogs, sat in hammocks, paddled in the stream, made a BBQ, toasted marshmallows and snuggled together in our tent.

He was so sad to come home.

And has not stopped asking to go back since.

Seeing my son that happy, free and living his best life, through one of my wild spontaneous impulsive decisions, was such an incredible feeling, I had opened the door for him to go and be free, to go on adventure, to walk ALPACAS.

If I had talked myself out of it, I would never have had that experience with him. JUST SAY YES.

If it all goes to shit, you can look back and laugh. You have learnt what didn’t work for next time. But give yourself a damn pat on the back for trying.

Not only this, but the owners of the farm/campsite we went too were so lovely, and we have stayed in touch and she has even offered for me to hold a Discovering Mums retreat there in the future. HELLO OPPORTUNITY, I nearly jumped.

A retreat for Mums through my business is something I have always wanted to do and this was the first step, an offer of a venue, how incredible, how kind and I would never have met her, if I didn’t say YES to that adventure, bite the bullet and just BOOK THE TRIP.

You never know what incredible things, people, moments, adventures, and opportunities are waiting for you on the other side of a YES decision.

They can be scary, but you just have to laugh and learn, because if you never try you will never know.

& you will be so proud of yourself for, getting uncomfortable and getting outside of your comfort zone, and watching it pay off.

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