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Plane Perspective

Plane Perspective – If this isn’t a recognised term, I think it should be. At least it sounds better than Public Transport Perspective. My point is that, whenever I seem to step on a form of public transport, I am put into a space where, I hit a new perspective. It's rare that I have an opportunity to sit, reflect, step away from chaos and these moments often occur on public transport. Of which I don't often get the experience of anymore, with driving most of the time, but when the opportunity does present itself, its usually an airplane. So last week, for my 30th birthday, my partner booked us a surprise trip to Rome. In preparation, I downloaded Disney’s, “Only Murders In The Building” series, Season 1 & 2. Safe to say I got thoroughly hooked and watched both seasons over three days alongside a consistent 20 000 steps journeying around Rome. Watching these three brilliant people, all in different stages of their lives with varying histories and family dynamics, I thought specifically about Mabel, her rare situation, as like in many series, how can you work a 9 to 5 and investigate murders right? But she is in an in-between stage of life, aspiring design career, artist, renovating her aunt’s apartment in the highly esteemed “Arconia” apartment building in New York, I found myself admiring her, and feeling inspired. There was something about her that I found myself wishing I had, why did I feel like I wanted to a little bit like her? So whilst I stood in the aisle on my airplane behind the snack trolley for a solid 16 minutes while they dished the snacks out to each row until we finally got to my row. Yes, I needed a pee at the least opportune moment. I deliberated, reflected, and thinking that I better figure out what was niggling at me before I finish the season and lose the thread that was dangling somewhere in my mind, I just needed to grab it. Mabel is relaxed, fashionable, 28 (so only 2 years on me) and she had this freedom, this flexibility that I envied. Waking up, making breakfast, going to cardio boxing every Tuesday and Thursday and in between investigating murders with two incredible friends who feel like family. And making a podcast.

I knew there was a layer here, that even after my previous breakthrough of discovering my life purpose, there was something more. More layers.

Progress is being made in my life since discovering my purpose and how I can incorporate that into my every day, building my business and helping other people in as many ways as I can. Progress is progress, no matter how fast, you are moving and that is what matters. Yes there is always still more to do, but all in good time.

I knew that part of my WHY, was reflected in Mabel, what she has, is why I am taking action in my life, because the daily dynamic, flexibility, doing something she loves, is everything that spurred me on and pushed me to take action on my dreams.

I didn’t want to keep envying these people, I wanted to be inspired by them. (Fully aware this is a television program, but the part inside of you it speaks to, still counts for something.) For a long time, it has felt like my life has belonged to my job. Fighting for hours, flexible working requests, pleasing stakeholders, writing reports, going to senior meetings full of anxiety. I have never hated my job in any capacity, it just isn’t fulfilling my soul and I don’t want to spend every single day, dreading the fact I have to do it till I retire.

I want to wake up and look forward to work, feel free, doing things that make me happy, sharing them with the world, because in doing so, would hold the key to my peace, setting myself free. And no one will tell me that is not possible. Call me a day dreamer but the biggest limitations are the ones inside our heads.

So, instead of always feeling like I am trying to keep up, waiting for the next weekend, reducing work stress, remembering a food shop, planning a holiday and then planning the money, feeling at the mercy of someone else’s policies and procedures. So short of quitting my job, how was I going to achieve this?

(Remember the journey we have been on so far, is all happening in 1 plane journey! Its incredible how inspiration can trigger inspired action in a short space of time. Especially when you give your mind the space to process it all.)

I hated wasting holiday at work. If I had it, it was to go on holiday, especially now we were going to be tied to the school terms. I felt guilty phoning in sick unless I was genuinely sick. I felt guilty using the weekends because I wanted to spend every waking minute with my son. How was I going to juggle every plate?

I've got to figure out a way. & I did. Get ready for next weeks Blog Post. How to find the time, when you don’t have the time.

To wrap this up, if you feel like you’re in the midst of the chaos and your mind hasn’t got any spare time to think, reflect, because you’re so busy with all of the things you have going on. Give yourself an opportunity. My favourite ones tend to be;

1. Public Transport, Plane, Coach, Train, a journey where you just get to be with you and your thoughts.

2. A Bath, play meditation or spa music and set a timer for 10,15, 20 minutes, and just close your eyes and give your mind the space.

3. Just lay down, anywhere quiet, just lay down. I tend to take myself off to bed early use that extra time.

Last note, do not feel guilty for asking for that time. You owe it to yourself to suss out what is under the surface of your mind and allow it to come to the forefront.

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