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Nobody, is you, you are unique – THAT IS YOUR POWER.

Okay, are you ready?

How many times, have you wanted to do something, and haven’t?

You haven’t because, you didn’t take action, or because you didn’t think you were good enough? Qualified enough? Had enough knowledge? Or you thought too many people were doing that thing? Or you were just plain scared. Or, you simply made up excuses, found reasons, not to fit the thing in? too tired? Too busy? Too many other commitments? Not the right time?

I could sit here all week, listing the endless array of reasons why, I, too, have personally held myself back from doing something that I have wanted to do, that I have dreamt of, would make me happy, because of some other reason, rhyme or rubbish.

Well, do you know who you let down, who you disappoint when you replace taking action, with excuses? YOURSELF.

Nobody else, just you.

Now let me tell me, forget letting yourself down, forget all that. You OWE IT, to YOURSELF, to live the life you want to live. To DO the THINGS, you want to do. The things that bring you JOY, make you HAPPY. So why do we not do them? *refer back to paragraph 1.

The underlying reason of it all, is that we get scared, we think these things are bigger than us, and they require effort, time discipline, even if its down to simply booking a trip, *thoughts of money, time sitting down to it, reading reviews, I’m too tired etc. etc. etc. the trip doesn’t happen.

You want to write a book? Start a business? *thoughts of time, discipline, consistency, patience, money, etc.

These are all stemmed from fear.

Do you know the thing that makes this all so different?! Go, on can you guess?


You are you, no one else is you, you are unique, your power is unique, as is your gift, your presence, your energy, YOU.

Is there a carbon copy of Paige out there in world? Talking exactly like me, walking, speaking, wearing the same clothes, saying the same words, NO.

There is no one like me. No-one would read a speech in the same way, no one would wear the same clothes, exactly the same. If you gave a set of Journal Prompts to million different women, no two women would write exactly word for word, the same responses.

My point, is that you, is what makes you and what you have to offer, different.

You could, sell exactly the same package, as someone else, to the same person. Who would they buy from? The personate they energetically connect with the most. There will be something about your energy, the way you talk, carry yourself, smile, ANY-THING that connects with people differently to someone else. That will make you the right person, for that person, to buy from, to work with, to listen to.

Lets use Network Marketing as an example, there are hundreds if not thousands of people selling the same products. Who will I buy from? The person that I have a connection with, based on a multitude of varying factors as above.

If you have something on your heart that you want to do, go and fucking do it. You owe it to yourself and to the rest of the world to share your passion, your dream and DO IT YOUR WAY. We can sit and say, I won't be good enough, I'm not that qualified, I don't know enough, no-one will sign up or join, we'll hun you won't know if you don't try. You are a unique person, no-one else is you, so no-one else will do it like you, your gift your approach, your energy, your authenticity, your ability to give and share and help people. Just go and do it and most importantly, BE FULFILLED. If in your heart, you know that by taking this step, you will be so much more fulfilled, satisfied, joyful, why the heck are you not there? Do not keep being miserable, finding reasons why not. Do not push yourself into a corporate box, or the box of what other people expect from you, letting your dream be that, a dream and feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the people that you want to help and impact, by just going for it and trusting your potential.

Go and live your life, live your dream, give it a god dam GO and do not give up because what is on your heart is meant for you and you will learn and grow along the way, challenges, obstacles, yes but they are all lessons in what to do RIGHT.

Give yourself PERMISSION to try, to say yes, to be brave and take the fucking leap! Go and share your unique gift with the world.

& let me know how you get on.

All my love.

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