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My Real, Honest, Birth Story & Labour Experience with my Second Child

Hello! Happy Friday!

I thought it was about time, I shared my real, honest, experience of labour when giving birth to my second child - nearly 4 weeks ago now!

As you know, I always share the honest experiences I have, simply because, it may help someone else. So there is no sugar coating things, I tell it as it is and as it comes to me!

That being said - please remember that everyone's experience is unique and you will never find two identical birth experiences.

Please let me story inform you, support you, and empower you - as women we have so many choices available to us throughout our pregnancy and labour journey, and the more we can educate ourselves on what is available, the better.

This was my second baby, my second birth experience, but it was completely different to my first. & I can hand on my heart say I was so pleased I did research, watched and read other birth stories, and got clear on how much control I did have over my experience.

So without further a-do, please go & give my Labour Story a listen, let me know your thoughts or questions & connect with me! & if you're looking for support in managing your mindset, in motherhood, then my Motherhood Mindset Makeover 6 - week program will give you all of the sustainable, long term tools, to support you in thriving during motherhood! Book a free - 30 minute Discovery Call with me today to find out more!

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