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MOT for Mums - Why Is Postnatal Physical Recovery So Important?

So many mums don't realise how important Post Partum physical recovery is… I certainly didn’t! Our bodies have adapted and accommodated so much in order to carry our babies and then birth them into this world, that it isn't surprising that they don’t just spring back into place both externally and internally and as a result we can end up with aches, pains or conditions that we just normalise and accept as a bi-product of having babies.


I recently discovered MOT for Mamas… yes, this is an actual thing! Being completely honest, I was blown away and fascinated that this service existed for mums. A mummy MOT is a comprehensive post-natal assessment, at any point post baby, from 6 weeks! Checking things such as your posture, breathing systems, pelvic floor and more! So we don’t have to normalise these pains or conditions, there is support and help out there for mums, in their post partum recovery journey.


So regardless of whether you're a new mum, or your little ones are not so little anymore!  It is never too late to have a post-natal examination to be sure that you do not have any post birth conditions that could be affecting your everyday life, even ones we may not be aware of! From caesarean sections to non-assisted deliveries, scar therapy to pelvic floors, Mummy MOT's have got you covered - so whether you're 6 weeks or 10 years down the line, it is never too late to get checked!


There are over 300 qualified practitioners throughout the UK and they have a directory where you can find the closest practitioners to you!


What incredible work these women do to support, educate and help us heal so that we can feel our best selves in motherhood, healing physically from pregnancy and birth, so we can also keep up with little ones!


I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Melissa Jenkins on the Discovering Mum Podcast to really dive into this more! She is a Practitioner for Mummy MOTs! Melissa is a mama to 2 boys and an advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & an advanced Scar Therapist providing specialist postnatal examinations for women following both vaginal and caesarean deliveries.


You can listen to our full podcast episode jam packed with knowledge, education, tips and support - HERE!


Here are also some incredible links and contacts to support you on your journey;






-Mummy MOT Strength Foundations at ION in Cardiff

Follow @motformamas and @rach_s_taylor for more information


Incredible accounts to follow for support and education;





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