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How to Feel More Empowered in Your Life...

Are you ready to start feeling more empowered in your life? To fully own and step into the power you know you have inside of you and embrace your authentic self alongside an inspiring community of mums, women & creative minds?

Here at The Empowering Her Community, we strive to give you just that, in an easy, effective and affordable way.

The Empowering Her Community is a supportive place for women to come together and receive connection, guidance, self development and healing in its various forms all via one membership.

If you are ready to take your self worth, self love and self development, to the next level, surrounded by supportive likeminded women. Then this is the space for you.

What does being in the EHC look like?

In this Monthly Call we will;

  • Experience powerful meditations & gratitude

  • Align with the Full Moon & Zodiac

  • Let go of what is no longer serving you

  • Set intentions for the month

  • Learn how to manifest your desires

  • Take inspired action against your goals

  • Stay aligned & accountable with your mission & goals

  • Connect to our authentic selves

  • Re-wire our mindset, to one of peace, love, self worth & potential.

One of the most wonderful things about this Monthly Call - is that the power is in your hands.

You can;

  • Observe from the quiet of your home

  • Contribute as and when you feel called to do so

  • Interact via the chat & Whatsapp group

So show up, and speak up as much or as little as you feel comfortable. These calls and strategies are just as effective whether you work best as an individual, or whether you feel called to speak up and share.

This is your opportunity to...

  • To take time for you.

  • To nourish your soul, check in with your body, and align your mind.

  • To fill up your cup.

  • To feel worthy, self love, and compassion.

  • To manifest your dreams.

  • To gain access to 1:1 Coaching.

  • To not feel alone, and join a community of likeminded women.

  • To do something for you, and make it work for you.

  • To feel supported and thriving.

So make one small change today, that will transform your life forever!

You know you are meant for this, dont you?

To Join - click on "The EHC" tab on this website and follow the steps to join today.

We cant wait to welcome you, & the empowered version of you, into this incredible space.

All my love,


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