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Happy Place Festival!

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival – Tatton Park!

Here it is! My official, full down low of my first time visiting the Fearne Cotton Happy Place festival! I have been wanting to go for ages and then my beautiful best friends got me a ticket for my birthday. Surprised and over the moon were my emotions, to be exact!

Travel; So I live about 2 and a half hours from Tatton Park, but the drive was nice and easy we were lucky with no traffic and there was tonnes of parking, because it is set in a large park, it is just greenery for days. Parking was £8 for the entire day and they took card on entry which was quick and easy!

Entry; the queue looked big, but moved really fast and there were crew giving you information about the festival while you queued which was really helpful. There is a bag search on entry and they just scan your t

icket QR Code! We arrived at maybe 10am latest, which I would recommend getting there as early as you can as naturally, it gets busier over the day and some queues for things grow!

The atmosphere as soon as we entered was awesome, the festival was so colourful, with great signs, deck chairs, bean bags, photo opportunities. I even ended up in a pink bath tub! & everyone was so friendly, taking pictures for eachother, strolling around with yoga mats and the sea of tents and lights looked really cool.

Classes; So this is a big one, and probably for us became the most complicated part. So once me and my friends got together on a zoom to look at the classes we wanted to go to, some need to be pre-booked and have limited spaces, for example the Craft Tent, the Massage Tent & quite a few of the Yoga/Meditation tents.

So we were officially of the view, that we would go and just do all of the Free Stuff! Because we hadn’t been before, we wanted to get a feel when we got there, not tie ourselves into an itinerary too much.

BUT, I would recommend booking 1 or 2 things, especially if you go for the whole weekend.

There is a tent as you walk in where you can get a list of what is left to book and book on the day but again, it is first come first serve.

The FREE stuff; There is lots! The talk tent, so where all of the Live Podcasts happen, on Saturday it was Vicky Pattinson & Vex King, and then lots of other inspirational wellness speakers, we found ourselves two comfy bean bags and got two gigantic doughnuts and settled there for a good hour!

The Vex King podcast was BUSY. We got there 20 minutes before and couldn’t get a space inside the tent, so sat and watched outside on the grass as they have TV Screens up.

You then have things like the Uplift Stage that has Yoga & Meditation classes on all day that are free and as many people can join on the grass as you like.

We also went to another stage that had singers, dancers and poetry on, while we ate our lunch.

Food; Got to start with this one because I am a FOODIE. The moment I walked in I saw SO many food trucks, from Tacos, to Bao Buns, to Greek Gyros, Coffee Vans and more. As we walked round we found more Poke Bowl vans, Pancake and Smoothie trucks, Wood Fired Pizza, the variety of food and also the catering for all different dietary requirements was incredible.

So, we had a Poke Bowl for Lunch, a Smoothie and some Doughnuts from Project D.

There were also stalls giving out free food samples and free cans of flavoured water too.

Plenty of bins, which I enjoyed! I hate struggling to find a bin!

Book Tent; Because I am a book worm. I loved this one. So, just look a bookstore there were tables of books, by Fearne, by Vicky and more! There were also book signings throughout the day, so Vicky was there when we visited and you can just queue up and meet her, get a photo, etc.

Glitterrrr!; We found a glitter and facepaint stall too, because you’re at a festival, why the heck not?

Kids Area; This was really lovely, there was a kids tent that had lots of games, little mini golf, there were stories being read in the tent at different times and just a really cute chill out area for kids. It was a really family friendly day, lots of babies and kids enjoying themselves and running free which I loved!

Shopping Area; There was so much to shop! From clothing brands, wellness brands, women's health brands, crystal stalls it was just abundant with small, eco friendly businesses selling great products!

I purchased a t-shirt from Olive & Frank, some Incense and a smudging stick from a crystal stall & Fearne’s new book from the Book Tent. Along with an abundant of samples that were going around!


It was such a feel good day! Plenty to do and see, not too crowded or busy, fun and colourful, filled with good food, good music, good exercise and really inspirational talks.

My favourite had to be from Cordell Jeffers – I hadn’t heard of him before the festival and he gave a really powerful talk on Telling Your Story, and I honestly felt so inspired. Like I was meant to hear that talk, I needed to hear it.

I also loved that he gave people in the audience opportunities to promote their businesses, and it opened my eyes to the vast variety of people there, the industries they were in and how one place can really bring us all together.

Me & my beautiful friends are definitely planning to return next year and stay for the weekend.

Any questions please feel free to DM me on Insta or drop me an email!

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