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Feeling out of alignment?

Good Morning beautiful people!

So I want to give you an update on what has been going on over here recently. So maybe this is more of a personal share? But I hope you don’t mind – because I have some pearls of wisdom waiting!

Since Harry started school, and my office policy changed at work, I feel like I haven’t caught a break. With minimal childcare, and it being the first term, there are no clubs available.

So you may be thinking, I sound slightly dramatic, but it has been a big change for us going from solid wraparound nursery care to, short school days and then 3 days a week for me commuting. Me & my husband used to walk Harry to nursery together, every single day.

Now we are definitely more like passing ships. & professional plate spinners.

The nursery to school transition, has been a whirlwind. I wont start on the less than 1 weeks’ notice of fancy dress, parents evening, assemblies etc.

All of this has made me feel really, out of sync with myself.

I have been overwhelmed, tired, stressed and forgetting a lot of things. Throw a little bit of mum guilt in there too because I miss my child like CRAZY.

I hate feeling like this.

My usual attitude is happy, positive, optimistic, go to, productive and all of the good stuff. And all I have wondered is where that energy has gone, even when I have a quiet moment, I struggle to summon it back.

The reason for this is because, I haven’t given my mind the space, to check in with body.

The routine I knew before had gone. It was thrown. I was out of sync and I was too busy to fix it.

However, the following Monday I was up at 6.30 ready to start work at 7 and I was called to sit on my meditation pillow. I lit some incense, and the smell of it just takes me to a blissful place, I closed my eyes, and played a 5 minute positive guided meditation.

Afterwards, I got onto my chair and journaled.

My journaling structure is often very similar, which is that I start with simply how I am feeling, like I am writing to a best friend, being open, honest and vulnerable. Giving myself solutions that spring to mind.

& I realised that there were some key things that are crucial to me feeling in my alignment with myself and my journey, that I hadn’t been doing since this transition.

For many, the combination of meditation and journaling

is such a powerful potent one that taps into everything going on under the surface, it isn’t to be to be forgotten!

But naturally, as soon as life gets busy, it gets sacrificed. Something I am trying to change!

So today, I am pure focusing on feeling back in alignment with myself and taking action on the things that make me feel the most connected and grounded.

& ready for little mans first parents evening tonight!

So, even if it isn’t in the form of a meditation, even just laying down, sitting, closing your eyes, and having 5 minutes of peaceful breathing to connect with you, or even a bath! Anything that gives your mind the space to process what is going on under the surface, in your subconscious.

Connect with yourself again, and feel your energy lift into a more positive space.

I am already feeling more on top and ready to tackle the day, the week and everything in my head, so much more than I was when I rolled out of bed this morning!

I would love to hear what you do to raise your mood!

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