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Book Review #4 Confessions of a 40 something F#ck Up! By Alexandra Potter

Ohhhh this book where to start! I grabbed it in the airport on our way to Halkidiki, Greece. I always take my usual trip to WHSmith before a flight (otherwise I’m a preloved book girl!) I mean who doesn’t take more books than they need on holiday?

I was drawn in by the 40 something part as my 30th is in a few weeks and i thought, how appropriate. I’ll take the advise I’m sure it will be applicable even 10 years earlier. And so it was.

Her writing is so raw, honest and funny. The book is so utterly relatable at whatever stage of life you’re at, because not only does it follow Nell, but you get the insight into all of the other characters, her parents, brother, best friends, school mums etc. And the book comes full circles as you realise that whatever your life looks like, to others, to you, what it looks like on the outside or feels like on the inside, you can relate to the feelings, to the fears, to it all. And what our perception of someone’s life, is not always accurate. And even when we feel alone, we rarely are.

This really is a book for all, one to be read again and again, scribble your favourite bits and read them often, because they’ll always apply.

She reminds you throughout that there is love, hope, friendship and light no matter how dark it seems, time is a gift and an adventure, having patience pays off and most importantly, gratitude. No matter how rubbish things seem, there is always something good in every corner, in every day, in every cloud.

A perfect book for anyone feeling like their life is not how they planned and feeling lost, people who have or had expectations of their life that they’re worried they won’t have or don’t have. For anyone who is wondering what the hell is going on and doesn’t have it all figured out.

This book feels like becoming part of a tribe, with a wider group of women across the world all feeling the same and makes you feel accepted in the general knowing that we are all in this together, figuring shit out and as Alexandra says, laughing in the face of it all.

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