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Book Review #2 – The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Paspasan.

The One Thing – My Review of this book! One of the first and first of many in 2023 so far! This book blew my mind, after having a hiatus of reading after some sad news within our family, I had decided to get back on track with my healing and my goals.

So to dive in with this was ground breaking for me. The tools in this book has helped me achieve a gigantic goal I had set for myself within a few months. This goal was started a few years back, and quite simply, it’s taken me a while to complete. Finding time amongst working full time and being a mama, getting married and completing a triathlon, was tough. The advice and tools with many a diagram to help bring it to life, helped me compartmentalise my tasks, organise my time, use it to my advantage, prioritise, and be more efficient. It explains the steps on how to create space and time that sets you up for success so you can fully give 100% in the time you have set aside and give to your passions or work. Incredible insight, tools and guidence on what to do to achieve your best, your goals, stay accountable and be unstoppable in your pursuit. 100% recommend!!

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