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4 Ways to start feeling WORTHY of your dreams!

Woah, where to begin?! I would be confident in saying that at some point or another, we have all had a dream, and not felt worthy of it. Or that it has been so far out of reach for us, felt impossible, or even laughed at the concept because of how far away it felt for us.

Well, as your resident optimist, I am here to remind you that nothing is impossible, and you absolutely can change your life, when you change your mindset.

& it all starts with knowing, how worthy you are, of having your dreams.

1. MINDSET – kicking off with the big one. You need to reprogram your subconscious, your default belief system, that is currently feeding you all of those limiting beliefs, and change the narrative. So, when you think about your dream, or see someone living your dream – instead of thinking “I wish I could have that” or “I’ll never be good enough” or “ that could never happen to someone like me” – switch that up! “That will be me” or “I am going to make that happen for me” or “I am going make that my reality.” Whatever phase or certain you need to hear with certainty and determination that gives you that feeling in your core, that knowing, that it WILL happen for you.

Science shows, that by repeatedly saying the same things to yourself, you gradually reprogram your mind. Let me introduce your to Neuroplasticity;

Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned.

So, wake up every day and tell yourself, that you are going to achieve your dream.

Get post it notes and stick them to your mirrors!

Record yourself saying it and listen to it every morning!

Change your background on your phone or laptop with that sentence!

Get that newfound belief, so wired into your mind, that the universe can hear it! Its science!

2. COMPARISON – Seriously, this can be one of the toughest ones to work through depending on who you are surrounded by. But, you can use comparison in two ways.

1. You can let it demotivate you – which is one of the TOP reasons, why comparison is not healthy. You could compare your Chapter 1, to someone elses Chapter 50, and wonder why you’re not there? Or feel like you have SO FAR to go, that it is pointless right? It’ll take you ages? Well as I always say, the time will pass anyway, so you may aswell start now. But what a demotivator right? Its like wanting to be an actress and then wondering why you aren’t Jennifer Anniston? Also, your circumstances, are never ever ever going to be the same as someone elses. Your environment, family, friends, job, down to the smallest thing, will be different from someone elses, just because we are human, does not mean we are all at the same starting point in our dreams. Focus on you, the only person you should compare yourself to, is who you were yesterday, how is she different? What has she done to work on her goals? To reach her dream?

2. OR, you can use it to MOTIVATE YOU – In some instances, and I still wouldn’t recommend this often but – sometimes I see someone, working towards what I desire and maybe being a some steps ahead of me, and my golly does it give me a kick up the butt! Come on Paige, pull your shit together, we can do this, what is next? What is one thing you can do today? And let it spur you on! Let it inspire you!

So essentially, compare yourself, only to you. This will enable you to see the progress you are making and the actions you are taking to get one step by one step closer. This tells your mind that IT IS POSSIBLE. You are doing it, you are doing the work. & to keep going.

3. Make a PLAN – This sounds really simple doesn’t it? Make a plan and I will feel more worthy? Uhm, yes. Exactly. And here’s why, you are going from your day 1, of deciding to go after your dreams, to how to get there. You have to figure all of that out? And that can be a really overwhelming thing, how many tiny steps is that?

Map. It. Out.

What do you need to do first? Set your actions, list them out. Is there a frequency? Do you need to do something on a weekly basis? Do you need to speak to some people? Apply anywhere? Complete a course?

Get it all listed out. & then set yourself a timeline, a really really rough timeline. With some flexibility in there for LIFE, because it happens, delays happen, holidays, other commitments, so hold is loosely.

Like IKEA flatpack furniture, you now have all of the pieces, and the step by step instructions… all you need to do is get going.

When you can see the clear path ahead of you, you have handed yourself the how to manual, the overwhelm reduces, because all you need to do is look at the next right step. One by one.

You will get this incredible sense of, I can do that! One step, once a week, you choose! IT. IS. POSSIBLE.

4. Let your work, SPEAK FOR ITSELF – Progress baby. Reflection is such a beautiful tool and honestly, you don’t even have to go that deep, especially in the early days. When you complete that first task on your list, CELEBRATE YO DAM SELF. You are on your way and have achieved a massive milestone, you’ve broken down the barrier, stepped through the doorway of opportunity and so embrace the feelings, the joy, the proud, the excitement and even the scared. When you can look back and think, I did all that? I did all even though I was scared, full of fear, afraid? But the feelings of being stuck were I was were worse? And now I am taking action towards my dreams? I actually did that? I did the things I didn’t think I could ever do, didn’t think I was good enough to do? I have gone and done them?!


You can end up in a place you never ever thought you would be in, because you took a chance, a leap of faith, and just did the damn thing. And did it enough times, that you are a whole host of steps closer towards your goal then you ever thought possible. Your belief in yourself and in your dream grows with every step and every action that you take.

You have got this.

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